Starting Yoga: What to Wear?

21 Mar


Traditional yoga mixes metal, spiritual, and physical well-being into a system of breathing exercises, postures, and meditations. However, the western evolution of the practice has largely focused on the physical aspect of yoga, a slow, posture-driven exercise that has been increasing in popularity. You can’t even walk into a bookstore without seeing a display for yoga mats and other accessories.

Before you go to your first yoga class you’ll want to acquire the proper attire. There is exactly one standard for yoga clothing: comfort. But while you might feel comfortable sitting on the couch wearing jeans and a blouse, that would be a horrible outfit for the precipitous exercises involved with yoga.

For yoga the most comfortable clothing ends up being loose-fitting without being baggy, stretchy without being clingy. This type of clothes will enable you to stretch your body without worrying about your pants or shirt getting in the way.

Yoga tee shirts can be fine, so long as they’re not too large or too small. Before you go to your yoga class, test some of your yoga tees to see if they restrict or impede your movement in any way. If you don’t know any moves yet, just do some basic motions with your arms, stretch upwards, downwards, and side-to-side.

When testing your yoga tee shirt pay attention to any place where the shirt seems to rub. Anything which can distract your concentration from balancing in the given posture is not going to work well.

For the lower half, yoga capris are fairly standard. If you do not own a pair of yoga capri pants, you’ll have to buy some. The same advice applies for yoga capri pants for women as with tee shirts. If you can try them on before purchase that would be ideal. Put them through a full range of motion. Attempt some squats, lean on one leg, then the other.

With your attire picked out, the most important thing to remember about yoga class is to have fun. And don’t be afraid to open your mind to new ideas and realizations. After all, yoga is more about the mind and soul than the body.

If you get a lot out of the western interpretation of yoga, consider investigating the traditional aspects. There are a bunch of different yoga exercises which are meant for mind and spirit which can be just as enriching (if not more so) as the physical component.


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